Frequency Counting

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Frequency counts:

Frequency counts are an important tool for companies, communities, and cities to assess and evaluate existing or even future locations. They can provide important and valuable insights for you as a company in marketing planning, staff scheduling and customer service, advertising effectiveness monitoring, or even energy management. In doing so, we focus entirely on your needs: Number of counting points, counting days, counting method, or counting locations can be individually defined and planned. We are supported by experienced and trained meters throughout Germany, so that we can carry out your frequency counting at many locations in Germany.

Passers-by frequencies

Traffic frequencies

The passers-by frequency indicates the number of passers-by who enter a definable retail location in a certain period of time. It is an indicator of the attractiveness and appeal of a location. It can be used, for example, to determine the number of potential walk-in customers.
Traffic frequency counts can be used to determine the number of vehicles passing through a street section or intersection in a given time period. Whether cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc., almost all traffic volumes can be recorded. For example, traffic frequency counts can serve as a basis for an economical and planned improvement of traffic connections or also provide information on where advertising materials can best be placed.

Visitor numbers

The measurement of visitor numbers can be used, for example, to make the success of trade fairs, events visible. But also in shopping centers, in retail, or everywhere where visitor flows can be recorded, the measurement of visitor numbers serves to determine the success.

The frequency counts are a relevant tool in terms of quantitative recording of traffic events:

  • Control of the counts for a high quality level
  • Representation of fluctuations (daily or seasonal)
  • Consultation and evaluation of the locations, as well as the setup of the traffic survey
  • Insight into what is happening reveals, for example, new planning approaches
  • Full-day and multi-day counts for more transparency in traffic volumes