Quality Market Research

To be in good hands

Our recruiters

Our qualified and experienced recruiters always work meticulous and with the utmost discretion. Every single recruiter is trained in professional dealing with people.

Target Audiences

We recruit for your studies suitable probands for your target group. Reaching difficult target groups is a challenge that your experienced and trained recruiters handle with flying colors.
Whether qualitative or quantitative studies, we will provide Probands for individual interviews, focus groups, group discussions, workshop tests, in-depth interviews, expert interviews, online surveys, online focus group, online diaries, online communities, usability testing, creative workshops, in-home tests, in-office interviews, home-use tests and method-mixes.
We attend numerous recruitment fields such as healthcare, physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical, automotive, car clinics, crafts, IT sector etc. In these and other areas, we can help you to provide probands in the fields of business-to-business and business-to-consumer, whether executives, decision-makers, key opinion leaders, experts, patients, difficult and specific target groups or of course also the average consumer. Our focus is on Germany, but also international projects are also easily feasible for us.


  • Healthcare
  • Physicians from all specialties
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacists
  • Ffinfance
  • Car clinics
  • Craft
  • IT
  • Automotive
  • plus other sectors

Our recruiting services

We guarantee high performance quality, because our intention is to implement your ideas, to accomplish them individually, while always being reliable and flexible. Even before the recruitment stage we lend you one´s support.
Our experience and know how leads your study to success. We arrange a suitable study and gain the ideal probands according to your required criteria. We assure this (with/by) our continuously rising data bases with a high number and variety of probands.
Furthermore, the cold calling is also one our explicit strengths and marks the quality in the field of recruitment.
We perennial update and refresh new probands.
We also recruit by using address material from the end client or principal.
Besides the recruiting we also undertake remits like the scheduling, termination, organization, coordination or the incentive payment.
Of course we support you with our qualified and trained interviewers also during the implementation of interviews, whether online, by phone or face-to-face.

Our practice

With reliance and diligence we work as your competent partner for your projects. We´ve created a company internal procedure to guarantee that you´ll get the right probands to fulfill your study: We choose the matching probands on the basis of your predefined quotas from our data bases and select to filter the matching one´s. If there are no hits, we immediate recruit new ones. Hereafter the probands receive a consignment note to participate in the study. Thereupon we conduct short phone interviews to search out their appropriateness. Following this, the probands receive eligibility requirements with all important information via E-Mail, whose receipt they have to confirm. Moreover we get a counter-confirmation for the participation on this way. To reduce the default rate, we remind our probands prior to the commencement.